Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Hello from Thailand

Hey everyone! I don't think that I will have time to write about our team final swim untill I get home.. but I wanted to let you know that I am so far having the time of my life in Thailand! Today we went on a few river boat rides, rode an elephant through the jungle, and then petted tigers! No joke! Tomorrow we are off to some Thai island. Just know that I am living the dream but miss you all so much!

Love, Christina

Saturday, August 23, 2008

I havn't had a chance to blog about team finals yet!

I don't have the time to blog right now either!

Just know that our final swim was SO much fun, and we did an awesome job. I will write a lot about it later.. but right now I have to pack everything up and then go to Closing Ceremonies!!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Tech Team Day!


We started off training at BNU, and that was awesome as usual. WE had a good solid warm up, ate lunch, and then did our hair at BNU. Before we left, Patrick our trainer since 2002 gave us a little speech. He told us how proud he was of us, and how it has been really cool for him to see us improve over the years. Before he even started talking, a few teammates started crying. This has been such a long, hard, but amazing road for us all.

We had an awesome warm up at the pool, and everyone was so relaxed and confident. We drew lucky number 8.. last! Our crowd was AMAZING. As we were walking out of the warm up pool, our families started a USA chant. THAT is a moment I will never forget. We walked out there, and had the swim of our lives! It felt so easy and connected, the coaches even said it was great! I would be lying to you if I said we weren't bummed about the scoring, but don't you worry! We know that we did our best, and we are READY to show the world our free program! We drew first for tomorrow, so we will set the standard high!


Thursday, August 21, 2008

Last day of practice...

We are done with our last day of practice.. can you even believe it?! OH MAN.. and it was a PRACTICE. We started off at BNU, our territory. We shared a little bit of pool time with the Womens Water Polo team and that was super fun! Those girls are awesome, they are playing right NOW and I wish them all the best. We had a really good practice at BNU this morning. We did a quick free review, and then really worked on tech. The coaches said we looked good, and we felt GOOD. We got the privelage to eat at BNU!! That's right people, no boxed lunch today! It was such a dream! After lunch, we headed over to the water cube for practice time with music. During our practice time with music, things were getting hectic as they always do in our sport. The difference was that our team stayed calm and focused and we were able to push through it. We started from deck and swam through tech, but over halfway through the music stopped! We all sat up gasping for air, and Captain Kim said," Alright guys, back on the deck we don't have much time!" We all sprinted back to the deck and swam through right then and there with no rest. Not one person complained, we were all just kind of laughing at the situation. Despite the indescribably amount of lactic acid that this memory involved, I will always remember it fondly. I am so proud of our team and how far we have come.

During practice I pinched a nerve in my neck again! I keep doing that from the impact of diving off of the pool deck. I was able to get in with the chiropracter tonight, and I should be all ready to go tomorrow! The cold is getting better, I'm on some top rate antibiotics. I am going to be in tip top shape tomorrow, I can feel it. I am so excited to see what the future holds for us.

Once again, I'd better get some sleep! Love you all so much!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Duet Finals Day!

WOW WHAT A DAY! We got to sleep in this morning! It was really nice to have allllllll day to warm up our free duet. It was a calm and relaxed warm up, just how I like it! It is so crazy to me to be writing this right now.. duet finals over.. already over half way done with my Olympic experience.

Our swim was really enjoyable today. There was a MINOR error in the beginning, but we were able to pick it up. We were not the only duet that made an error by the way, so we were all on a level playing field. Todays swim felt way slower, and I felt like I really had an opportunity to connect with each and every judge. It was SO nice to see my friends and family in the crowd again! Seeing them, and knowing that I had the Burns patch sewn into my suit, I was once again reminded of all the love and support from back at home.

After duet finals, we practiced team a little and then were off to the Speedo Party!!! It was so nice to go to this event because EVERYONE was invited! I got to see my mom, dad, Julia, Alison, Kathleen, Matea, Amanda, Tree, Liz, Bekah, Rachel, Piers, Missy, and EVERYONE ELSE! It was SUCH a dream to sit and eat dinner and chat with the people I love most in this world. It was just SO amazing, and I will remember this night forever! Matea, Tree, and Amanda made shirts with my picture on it.. and puff paint.. complete with a sign! Everyone else was in their USA gear, and I actually started crying the first time I got to hug my dad! Today was an emotional roller coaster for sure.

I am so thankful for my duet partner Andrea. Together we have come SUCH a long way, we have been through SO much together. I will cherish the bond that we have forever, and I will take all of these memories with me. I love you Drea!

We don't compete tomorrow, but it will be a BIG practice day! I am hoping to overcome this stupid cold that I have (I didn't admit to myself that I had one until after finals were over). I AM SO READY TO BE BACK IN THE MIX WITH THE TEAM!


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Duet Free Prelims Day!

Random fun fact about synchronized swimming at the Olympics: There are 17 underwater speakers! That's right people! 17!!!! How nuts is that?!

So today we went through the same plan that we did yesterday. We started at BNU got ready at the pool. I need to pause a second and really let you all know just how thankful I am for my team. Our team was back there before we competed, offering us help and support in any way possible. I can definitely feel the love when I'm with them. They gave us their best wishes and went up to watch us. SHOW TIME! We were really excited to show the world our free program, we really feel that we have stepped up to the plate with our revamped routine. So far, we have gotten lots of compliments on it! When we walked out, the cheering was nuts! It felt so good to know that I had friends and family there... decked out in USA gear.. with signs made and everything! I once again heard my dad scream ,"GO STINA!". Right before we swam some guy screamed, "YYYEEAAAUUUUUHHHHH!!!" and the ENTIRE crowd started laughing and clapping. We still don't know who this mystery man is, but we have a suspicion. Whoever you are.. you rock and keep it coming! The swim itself felt a little rough today, but the coaches said that it was a really really good swim! That always happens to me... the best swims feel a little rough! I still don't know why that is! I got half a breath before I started our super long first hybrid, and Andrea sucked in water before our last hybrid, but somehow...we fought for it and it worked! I feel very proud of our swim, and I KNOW that we can be better tomorrow!

After our competition we walked through the media zone and then hopped back into the practice pool with the team! It felt good to do a few things with them, as we have only been practicing duet lately. We busted out some elements, some lifts, some key parts.. and we were on our way home! I just finished getting a massage, and I am ready for bed! The coaches are letting the duet sleep in tomorrow! YES! Alright my lovies... it's time to REST UP!


Monday, August 18, 2008

First day of competition is finished already! WOW! Let me start filling you all in from this morning, even though this morning seems like it was 3 days ago!

So each country was allowed 8 minutes of music time this morning. Being draw number 4, that would mean that we would have to be diving in at 7:30, to use 8 minutes of music, all to compete at about 3:15. We opted to NOT use that music time. Instead, we went to BNU! That was the best decision we have ever made! We got to sleep in a little bit, and we got the chance to warm up in privacy hidden from the chaos and commotion. Andrea and I had a nice long swimming warm up, stretched out, and warmed up our verticals. We then had 1 hour of music time, instead of 8 minutes. We went over each section, and swim large parts to get our bodies going! Then we grabbed a quick sandwich, and were off to the competition pool! As soon as we got to the pool, we went over our walk ons and deck work because the stage was not set up until this morning! Swimming was using the deck space until last night, so nobody had a chance to figure their steps out yet. The walk on was pretty easy to figure out, so after we did that we got back in and warmed up again. Then we went over some key parts, and did some pretty big sections with our run through with music. The run through with music was a little rough, but we were glad that we got all of the jitters out. After that, we got out and got all ready for our swim! Our suits are so pretty by the way! We got in and warmed up again (yes we warm up a lot in synchro). When we walked to the ready room, it was so surreal. I expecting to be super unbearably nervous and anxious. Instead, I was so calm. Not nervous at all. Andrea and I were both super connected, calm, and collected.

As we walked out, I heard my dad say ,"GO STINA!" loud and clear. That comforted me like no other. Our swim was SO MUCH FUN! It felt in slow motion, and I felt like I had time to think of each task that I needed to complete. It felt really easy and free. The coaches were pretty pleased with our swim as well. A few things SLIGHTLY off, but for the most part it was a good swim. I will always remember the feeling of satisfaction that I had after. It was really exciting to look into the stands and see our American flag waving proudly in various parts of the cube. After we were done competing, we walked through the media zone and answered some questions for NBC and some other reporters.

Guess what we did after that? Thats right! Got right back in, and practiced free duet! I feel good that we got the opportunity to go through everything. I am ready to go back to my room and read until I fall sleep.. which will probably last about half a page or so.